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When it comes to your health, you want someone who lives and breathes what they're teaching others. Learn to live WELLNESS BEFORE ILLNESS. Whether you feel okay or are struggling in your health, what you put into, on, and around your body matters. The choices made today will fuel you far past the next hour. Everything shared on this page is from personal experience with careful thought and attention.

After struggling with having my two children born back to back and continuing to feel “off” and seeing a doctor every year or so, I was always told it was “normal” to feel exhausted, uneasy, and not right. 
In 2019, I became so ill I eventually ended up in a wheelchair. Bed-bound but determined to survive so I could help others in their healing adventures, I fought with diet change, supplementation, and many tools and therapies.

I am passionate about my God-given purpose to encourage others in their healing and health, no matter where they are at. I believe words are powerful and that frequency matters. Balancing the body’s frequencies while giving it proper nutrition, rest, and grace, is what continues to be a recipe for living well in my own life. 

If you have been told “its all in your head”, “you are just anxious”, “you are a real hard case”, or anything similar, I hear you!!! Sometimes not getting answers is exactly the “answer” we need to be empowered to take control of our health, believe in our own healing, and work everyday to live in the bodies we have. Love your body through the pain and dis-ease and allow healing to begin. 

I love y’all so much and I am rooting for you! 

Danielle Harrell

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